Dominik T.

Dominik has spent last few decades deeply involved with music. It’s always been a complex relationship leading down new avenues and sometimes has gone some dark alleys, but it has always been filled with passions. Dominik started performing as a DJ some 20 years ago. Back then it was slaving carrying around a massive bag filled with the newest hottest vinyl finds. Some time later that evolved into CJs, then laptops and equipment for hybrid live/dj sets. At no time has idea of exploration ever left. There is no right path in music, but some are more interesting than others.

His performances have taken him all around Asia, and some in North America. From the hight of the Taipei 101, to bare feet firmly planted on beaches of SE Asia. Each and every performance has been cherished. He’s been lucky to share performances with absolute legends of modern club world. These opportunities to play and interact with masters has helped him gain immense insight into the dj craft.

Not just satisfied to DJ, he has spend a considerable time producing his own music and productions for others. At times lines between life and music blurring.

Musically, he has varied substantially over the years, all house and techno, but taking the genres to the limits, and never forgetting that music without a soul is just noise.